Our solar panel systems can reduce your electric bill by 100% and make your meter spin backwards as you sell electricity back to your utility. The cost of electricity produced by the solar panels is around 5¢ per kilowatt-hour (kWh) while you are currently paying your utility around 10¢ per kWh.

Our systems have an annual return on investment of around 8% from the savings on your electric bill. As energy prices increase over time, your return could average around 15% per year while the solar panels are under warranty for 25 years. This investment is as secure as a bond and bonds usually only yield around 5% per year. Additionally, if you were to invest the same amount of money in a bond instead of going solar, all of your earnings from the bond would likely be negated because of all the money you will lose from paying your electric bill. The result could be a total loss on your investment; a -100% return on your bond.

Smart Investment

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master bath, consider the newcomer on the renovation block: a rooftop solar-power system that not only will lower your overhead costs and insulate you from a volatile energy market but will likely add just as much to your home value over the long haul. A study in Appraisal Journal found that for every utility-bill dollar saved annually because of an improvement, you gain $20 in property value. So if you can zero out a $1,000 annual electric tab by installing solar, you'll get back $20,000 in home value.”


Another benefit of installing solar is that in October, 2008, the U.S. Congress passed an extension of the 30-percent federal investment tax credit for both residential and commercial solar installations to the year 2019. The extension also included the elimination of the $2,000 monetary cap for residential solar electric installations, creating a true 30-percent tax credit.

Please consult an accountant and visit the following website for more information on calculating your Federal and state tax rebate: www.dsireusa.org

With solar panel system prices plummeting and the recent extension of the Federal and state tax incentives, solar power is more affordable now than ever. Additionally, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, you gain $20 in home value for every $1 reduction in annual utility costs. From Business 2.0 Magazine: “New tax credits and rebates are making solar-powered conversions as smart as redoing your kitchen. Before you drop $20,000 or more on a new kitchen or

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