September 28, 2009


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RegenEn Solar LLC Installs First Grid-tied Thin-film Solar In Kentucky

Louisville, KY -- Louisville based RegenEn Solar LLC announced today that it has kept its promise as a pioneer in the solar industry and installed the first grid-tied thin-film solar in Kentucky. The Soprema Uni-Solar brand thin-film solar strips were installed on a standing-seam metal roof on a house in the Highlands neighborhood of Louisville, KY and will convert sunlight into electricity for the home. The 26 thin-film strips blend in with the roofing while providing 3.7 kW of power and, along with the homeowners' ongoing conservation efforts, are hoped to eliminate between 80-100% of the homeowner’s electric bill.

Additionally, the thin-film solar will be combined with Enphase micro-inverters that will allow the homeowner to use real-time monitoring software to not only track the output of the entire system but also the performance of the individual solar strips. According to Enphase, this is the first time their micro-inverters have been combined with thin-film solar.

The following is a statement from the homeowner regarding the thin-film solar installation:


RegenEn Solar Press Release: Thin-film Solar

The Solar Energy Professionals.TM

Closeup of Uni-Solar thin-film placed in standing-seam metal roof “pan”

Thin-film solar and roofing being installed

Screenshot of the Enphase Enlighten real-time solar monitoring software

“We're very pleased with how good our new solar roof looks.  We were really worried about putting solar on the front roof of our 1937 colonial, but the front was our only south-facing roof.  Using thin film solar strips on a standing seam metal roof gives us the best of both worlds --- we've preserved the character and aesthetics of our home and our neighborhood while putting up a solar system that will eliminate most of our electric bills.

“Even people who know we've installed solar have asked us where the solar panels are.  Many people who look at the roof do not realize that the solar is already installed and already producing electricity.

“The Enphase micro-inverters will allow us to see what is going on with each individual panel, including how much electricity each panel produces each day, week, month, and year.  The micro-inverters also allow us to monitor the system remotely using the internet.  If any part of the system were ever to develop a problem, Enphase would alert us, and both we and RegenEn would know exactly where the problem is.  Also, if any problems develop with one of the micro-inverters, we can replace that one micro-inverter rather than having to take the whole system down and replace or repair a single large and expensive inverter.”

-- Homeowner

Enphase Micro-inverter

The Enphase micro-inverters will add further efficiency by eliminating shading issues that can be a complication with traditional inverters. Enphase essentially makes each panel its own system. So, if one panel gets shaded it won’t affect the remaining string of panels.

This grid-tied system will be net-metered and allows the customer to connect to the city power grid and actually sell electricity back to Louisville Gas & Electric (LG&E) when the panels are producing more energy than the homeowner is consuming. They can watch their meter spin backwards as they sell energy back to LG&E, allowing the system to pay for itself.

To allow people to get a closer look at this thin-film solar installation, this house will be on the solar tour on October 3, 2009. The local Louisville solar tour is part of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) national solar tour event. Referred to as the world’s largest grassroots solar event, it will include more than 150,000 participants that will visit some 5,000 buildings in 3,000 communities across the U.S.  For more info please visit: www.louisvillesolartour.org

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