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New Louisville Company, RegenEn Solar LLC, Will Fight To “Keep Louisville Green©

Louisville, KY -- Through the use of solar power, the most abundant renewable energy, a new startup company called RegenEn Solar LLC in Louisville, KY plans to fight to “Keep Louisville Green©”. The company will provide state of the art renewable energy to consumers by selling and installing photovoltaic systems (i.e. solar panel systems) for residential and commercial establishments.

With solar panel system prices falling and the recent extension of the Federal and state tax incentives, solar power is more affordable now than ever. From Business 2.0 Magazine: “New tax credits and rebates are making solar-powered conversions as smart as redoing your kitchen. Before you drop $40,000 or more on a new kitchen or master bath, consider the newcomer on the renovation block: a rooftop solar-power system that not only will lower your overhead costs and insulate you from a volatile energy market but will likely add just as much to your home value over the long haul. A study in Appraisal Journal found that for every utility-bill dollar saved annually because of an improvement, you gain $20 in property value. So if you can zero out a $1,000 annual electric tab by installing solar, you'll get back $20,000 in home value.”

Solar panel systems provide a renewable, non-polluting energy source for the home. They can provide electricity or replace the gas-guzzling water heater. Solar panels last a lifetime, require very little maintenance, and once they are paid off they provide free energy. Solar panel systems also allow the customer to connect to the city power grid and actually sell energy back to their utility when the panels are producing more energy than they are consuming. They can watch their meter spin backwards as they sell energy back to Louisville Gas & Electric (LG&E).

RegenEn Solar LLC hopes to change the following sad and embarrassing statistic: According to The Brookings Institution, the carbon footprint from residential electricity usage of the average Louisvillian is among the worst in the U.S., ranking 98 out of 100 metro areas and emitting 1.318 metric tons of carbon per person per year. If every household in the Louisville Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) installed a solar panel system, that would reduce the carbon footprint of the Louisville MSA by an astounding 1.5 million metric tons of carbon per year. That would be equivalent to taking nearly every car off of Louisville’s roads!

RegenEn Solar LLC also has a philanthropic arm with the goal of allocating 2% of gross revenue combined with raising funds externally to pay for a solar panel system for the disadvantaged locally in Louisville with plans of also installing systems for the poor in other countries, possibly in remote villages. This could provide much needed energy in places that do not have such luxuries. If interested in donating, please contact Dan Hofmann at RegenEn Solar LLC at 502-298-8160.

A blog will also be created called “Keep Louisville Green© Blog” with the mission of making daily posts that track environmental issues in Louisville, nationally, and around the globe. The blog will also link to other local blogs and national articles pertaining to “green” issues. To visit the blog, go to: www.regenensolar.com

RegenEn Solar LLC is located in Louisville, KY and is a dealer/installer of photovoltaic (solar panel) systems in the Louisville Metro area and is a registered Limited Liability Company with the commonwealth of Kentucky.


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