A roof-top solar panel system installed in your business will capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity. RegenEn Solar will come to your place of business and give a free evaluation and assess the angle and positioning of the roof, the square footage of the roof, shade cover, and potential design of the system.

Commercial Installation

Solar energy for commercial establishments is a great investment. The following list summarizes the financial benefits from installing solar:

  1. Reduce utility costs

  2. Net-metering: sell electricity back to LG&E

  3. Increase your property value

  4. No maintenance after install

  5. Solar panels last a lifetime

  6. Accelerated depreciation schedules for purchasing renewable energy

  7. Federal and State tax rebates

The Federal tax rebate is 30% for solar installations, which can be a significant amount of savings for a large commercial installation. Click here for info on tax credit.


Direct PV

  1. Simple systems for water pumping and fans

  2. Best cost solution for cattle tank pumping or crop irrigation in remote areas

Grid Tie

  1. Most common, 90% of installations are grid-tie (no batteries)

  2. Allows for net-metering

Grid Tie with battery backup

  1. Provides power when grid goes down

  2. Best option for silent, reliable, power production in times of grid outage

Off Grid with battery backup

  1. Best choice in remote areas

  2. Less expensive than connecting to grid if installation is more than 1/4 mile from grid


Beside the fact that a solar panel system can immediately increase your property value, the chart below illustrates the long-term financial benefit of buying solar combined with the Federal and state tax incentive. The pricing below is for example purposes only and does not reflect the price of your customized system.


Not only are you saving money on your utility bill, you can also sell electricity to LG&E at the $/watt market rate during days that the system is producing more power than you are using. You can watch your meter spin backwards as LG&E pays you!


Solar Renewable Energy Credits are tradable credits that represent the clean energy benefits of electricity generated from a solar energy system. As an owner of a solar energy system, you can elect to sell your solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) in order to help finance your system. RegenEn Solar has partnered with Sol Systems to help you finance your solar energy system using SRECs. To learn more about your options for generating income from SRECs, visit www.solsystemscompany.com.


This “smart grid” technology is a great service that
allows you to monitor the electricity production of your solar panel system on the internet. This monitoring service can also be set to send you an email alert if productivity declines. If the decrease in electricity is an ongoing problem, you can call RegenEn Solar and we will work with you to correct the problem.

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