Formed in Louisville, KY in March 2009, RegenEn Solar LLC is an installer of solar panel systems that convert sunlight into electricity or heat water. RegenEn Solar’s main objective is to “Keep Louisville Green!©

Together with our customers, we aim to change the following sad and embarrassing statistic: According to The Brookings Institution, the carbon footprint from residential electricity usage of the average Louisvillian is among the worst in the U.S., ranking 98 out of 100 metro areas and emitting 1.318 metric tons of carbon per person per year. If every household in the Louisville Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) installed a solar panel system, that would reduce the carbon footprint of the Louisville MSA by an astounding 1.5 million metric tons of carbon per year. That would be equivalent to taking nearly every car off of Louisville’s roads!

About RegenEn Solar

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